Leslie Snell, Secretary


Tessa Fraass, Principal
Creek Valley Middle School
630 Orchard Street
PO Box 158
Lodgepole, NE  69149

(308) 483-5252
Fax:  (308) 483-5251

email:  Tessa Fraass


Joyce Vogt, Secretary


Ron Howard, Superintendent
Central Office
Creek Valley Elementary
6th & Hayward Streets
PO Box 608
Chappell, NE  69129

(308) 874-2911
Fax:  (308) 874-2602

email:  Ron Howard

Tanya Phillips, Secretary


Patrick Ningen, Principal
Creek Valley High School and Elementary School
3rd & Washington Streets
PO Box 608
Chappell, NE  69129

(308) 874-3310
Fax:  (308) 874-2604

email: Patrick Ningen

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School Board Members

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Mike Hansen mjhansen64@gmail.com

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